A downloadable game for Windows

It is like normal Tic Tac Toe, but after you fill a grid, it zooms out to the next level, use left click to select where you want to place a tile, and press right click to zoom out, with an endless amount of grids being able to be generated there is no end.

Only One Board, and the outcome of one grid will effect the others, You can only go once per turn, but you have many grids to play on.

you only able to place tiles on grids marked with a 0, anything higher will need grids to be won to win the larger grids.

Have Fun, Made in 11 hours

Install instructions

Down Load the rar, and open it, then run the exe, or extract the rar file but keep the exe in the same file location as the folder, otherwise the game will crash as it can't get the right assets


OXE.rar 23 MB

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