A downloadable game for Windows

Eskihome is a game about Eskimos trying to get home, It has no sound atm, but if I ever revisit it I will add some, It is a Turn Based Strategy with out any bad guys, instead it a puzzle game. You can play the levels in any order and progress will be saved

The game was made in python

I suggest you grab a pen and some paper, as you might want to make notes on how to complete some of the levels

The ZIP file contains the .exe file for the game, the font used, and all the images contained in a folder, The .exe will create a save file upon you exiting for the first time to save progress

If you need help at anytime press escape the press help

This was made for the GMTK game Jam 2018, which is my first game jam

Have fun

Solutions to all levels, to prove that this game is possible:


Eskihome.zip 26 MB


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Very smart idea and very good level design !

Good Game LOL